Companionship Services

A recent statistic from a study conducted by Age UK revealed that almost a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without speaking to anyone at all. At Freedom Care, we find that many clients don’t necessarily need a lot of physical help, but would benefit from having a companion to chat to, whether at home or out and about.

If you think that you could benefit from companionship, or have a loved one who would like to have a regular visitor to talk to while you are at work, or to simply give you a break, one of Freedom Care’s trained team of Support and Care Workers can add a vital human element to their day. They will become a trusted, friendly face who will share your interests, get to know and understand you and offer genuine companionship.

Many of our clients have found that our companionship service develops their confidence, revitalises them, boosts their energy levels and increases general happiness. It’s a positive experience that can improve outlook and enhance the lifestyle of the client.

Typical activities that Freedom Care Clients enjoy with our companions include:

  • Enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • Accompanying you while doing crafts or hobbies
  • Playing cards, chess, draughts or other games
  • Going to a day service/centre
  • Visiting a community centre
  • Accompanying you to doctor and hospital appointments
  • Shopping for food and drink, or other items you may require
  • Escorting to appointments
  • Dealing with everyday tasks

As well as offering companionship, our Support and Care Workers will also spend time helping you to master the difficulties of modern life that can become overwhelming for older people.

Our clients and their families choose what type of companionship support they need and how much they require each week. We then tailor a support package based on this. The list above is a short example of the types of activities we currently cover; feel free to ask us about any personal needs you would like us to assist with – we’re always willing to find a solution for every situation.