Medication Assistance & Management

People of all ages can find it difficult to manage their medicines. Taking a variety of different medications, in differing amounts and at specific times can be very challenging to cope with. We can relieve the stress by supporting individuals to manage their medication therefore, ensuring that they take the right medication, at the right time and the right amount.

Here’s how it works: A member of our team will remind the client to take their medication, assist them to ensure they take the right medication, or give full support by administering the medication if required. This gives peace of mind to family members who aren’t always able to assist with the vital task of administering medication.

In addition to helping our clients manage their medication, we can also discuss general health needs, providing a bespoke package of care that can include assistance when arranging an appointment with a healthcare professional, reminding them when they have appointments and accompanying them if they require further support and assistance outside of their home.

Freedom Care can provide further support to clients by ensuring that prescribed medication is put into a Monitored Dosage System (MDS) by the pharmacist. While your loved one will still be required to take their medication at the right time, we take the stress out of organising the dosage and providing the medication in an easy-to-use, clearly marked system.

For some clients, remembering to obtain and renew prescribed medication can become a difficult chore, adding unnecessary stress at a difficult time. We can assist in arranging your medication, ensuring that your prescription goes to the doctor’s surgery on time, as well as collecting prescriptions from the chemist when it is ready. We can then deliver the medication to the home of our client or arrange for regular deliveries straight from the pharmacy – whichever options best suits the needs of those we provide care for.

For your peace of mind, every member of the Freedom Care team receives specific training in medication and are fully qualified and approved to prompt or administer medication to our clients.