We care very much about what our clients and their family think about us. Please find below a number of our most-valued testimonials.

Freedom Care sent me a letter in March of this year as the carers that I had then were tending to let my father down sometimes not even showing up.
I met with Tracey and Kim at my father’s home and was impressed by how much time they spent asking my father what he would like them to do for him. They took a lot of time and care with him and, myself. They looked around his bungalow and made sure that he had all the correct occupational facilities in place. We discussed showering, as my father had not had a shower for six months (his previous carers just not bothering). With regard to this Tracey and Kim looked at his facilities and explained to me what was required so that they could help my father have a shower.
Their attention to detail was first class.
They began caring for my father in April of this year, giving him his first shower, which he thoroughly enjoyed. They took so much care with him in order that he was made to feel at ease.
I have regular contact with the team and have met most of them. They are such a caring and personable people who all feel that just because you are older and frail does not mean that you should not be dealt with with dignity.
They make my father feel wanted and cared for which I must say eases my mind and I know that I can approach them at any time.
I would thoroughly recommend them if you want a safe, caring, friendly and understanding personal care for your relative.
Elaine O'Keefe

I have needed carers for my son Robert since he was ten years old and I was pregnant with my daughter who is now thirty and my son Roger who is thirty-nine.

In the many years, I have had lots of different carers some good and some bad, so I think I should be able to work out who the good carers are.
On taking over the care of Robert who has two calls a day. I have found Freedom Care to be reliable and caring, not rushing, and happy to attend to all his needs.
My mother has dementia and so I have to get carers four times a day. I had no hesitation but to get Freedom Care to see to her. They will go that extra mile with Mum if needed and keep me informed of anything I should know also Mum likes all the carers.
Thanks for all your good work.
JF - Potters Bar

We’ve found that Freedom Care to be invaluable in caring for our elderly parents, reliable, informative, and adaptable as (inevitably) things happen and need change. The staff members involved have been not only very competent but have also become good friends, with a genuine concern for both our parents and us. We’d recommend them.

Roger & Jenny

Since starting with Freedom Care to support my elderly mother, I have been impressed with the quality of their service. It’s their level of compassion and attention to detail that sets them apart from other providers. They keep in regular contact with me and they are prepared to go that extra mile. They’ve been a great help to me and, more importantly, Mum loves them.
DF - Ipswich

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